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MagicalJoey's Anthology Contest

Need an excuse to write a bunch of poems? (Who needs an excuse to write a bunch of poems anyway?) Write them during NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) in April (that's a poem a day for April) and then polish them in May. All you need to do is write a minimum of six (6) poems (though you get bonus marks for twelve (12)) on a common theme/setting. What am I talking about? I'm talking about this:

MagicalJoey's Anthology ContestWhy hello there you lovely person. Yes, you! No, not the madly waving person behind you...just you. You have arrived at a very nice place. While we have no unicorns, candy or coffee, we do have a contest! That's right, you've arrived at:

(Idea stolen, kinda, from here: Aero's Anthology Contest! (Deadline April 30!) )
While the idea isn't an original one, I decided that I wanted to host a poetry contest that promotes the writing of poetry. And what better way to do so than by holding an Anthology Contest - I am an aspiring poet who aims to publish an anthology one day, and I am sure that there are many more like me - where you have to write poetry that is specific, packs an impact and is anthology 'worthy'. Thankfully I am not like Mary Poppins in the gif below - for then you wouldn't know what to do would y

Donate! Enter! Promote!
We Need You! (You need you too!)


Literary Guides

There are literary guides in the About Us section of the group. They cover a range of things from Dialogue to Critiquing to Plotting. Give them a look-over, as many people have put a lot of effort into writing these guides to help you.

:star:Critics Needed:star:

:star: POETRY critics specifically as that folder is very full...PROSE critics won't be turned away but need to know that they will have to wait until entries come in. If you can critique both, excellent!
:star: Critics can submit their own work for critique.
:star: Minimum critiques are 2 per month. (If you have a problem with this and you know you won't meet this minimum then note MagicalJoey )
If you want to be a critic, or know of someone who does, please note me (MagicalJoey ) with a note titled GNC Critic.
:heart: If there is someone who has critiqued your work who you think would make a good critic link me [MagicalJoey ] to their critique and I will contact them.

Group Promotion

This is a group where you can send in the first chapter, or the synopsis, of your story to see if it is 'interesting' enough to be a page turner. The pros? You get others to read the first chapter, or synopsis, of your novel and you learn whether it's interesting or not. The cons? You have to comment on at least two other entries in the folder before yours is accepted. This isn't that hard, as it's not a critique just a constructive comment (something that proves you've read the work and are interested in helping that person find things to edit/work through).

This group is back in action. Head on over and become a mentor, a mentee or a buddy! Mentors are strongly needed! There are many mentees who have been waiting what feels to them as since the group was re-birthed. Remember this group is for pairing writers with writers who can help them better themselves and in the process perhaps form friendships that will help and benefit the whole literature community.

This is a group where you can come and learn how to critique things, either by completing the challenges and asking questions or by one-on-one sessions with admins. This group is also looking for admins who will join to teach others what they know about critiquing/constructive commenting.

This is a mainly prose group where you can submit literature. There is a folder for fan fiction, if that's your thing, it also contains some grammar guides as well as a single folder for poetry. Come and participate in the monthly and weekly prompts, as these are challenges designed to stimulate your brain and your writing.

General Conversation

I hope that all is well with you.

On our main page is a list of the critics and what they critique. This is to let you, the members, know who is who. Hopefully you will visit their pages and browse their works, as many of them put in so much effort here and desperately need comments on their own work. You don't have to be a critic to leave a positive comment, so go make their day.

On that note, if you ever feel that a critic has been unduly negative in their critique, or if they are critiquing you in person and not your work, please note MagicalJoey (with a note appropriately titled so I know what it's about) and I will try to solve the problem. Remember though, that a good critique sometimes has to be harsh, and you posted your work for critique. If the work is especially meaningful to you, and you know that you can't accept anything possibly 'negative' in a comment, then don't submit it here. Remember: we critique everything that is submitted --> except for pieces that flout the rules. (Rules can be found further down in this journal.)

Please also note, that as we are a critique group, we don't promote your works. If you are looking for more exposure, please don't submit to us and waste both our time and yours.


:bulletred: We critique EVERYTHING you place in the folder. If you don't want a critique, don't submit.
:bulletred: We are not a group here to promote your work.
:bulletred: We try to not take school/university essays, as it is not really our job to critique and proofread them for you. This rule can be bent on occasion.
:bulletred: All pieces submitted for a critique must include at least one question in the artist's comments as to how you want the critic to look at your work. We will check submissions, and remind you if you have forgotten, but save everyone the trouble of reminding and reminding again.
:bulletred: We accept only original writing - if you post something that is not yours you will be reported as an art thief.
:bulletred: We DO NOT accept any Fan Fiction.
:bulletred: We have no word limit on prose entries, however, bear in mind that the longer the entry the longer you will have to wait for a critique.
:bulletred: We will only be accepting ONE chapter of a story at a time. Please don't submit your entire novel at once, and please put a brief summary of what has happened in each passing chapter alongside your questions in the comments section. This way, our critics will give you feedback without having to read the whole thing. Sorry, but we're a group that tries to be fair to everyone, and it's not fair to critique 50,000 words by one writer and then 2000 by another.
:bulletred: We do not accept epic descriptions of violence, sex (erotica, smut), religious views. Please apply mature filters where appropriate.

Critiquing Philosophy

Borrowed from :iconcritical-fame-poetry:

:bulletblue: When we critique a piece, we aren't arguing against it - you don't have to defend your piece.
:bulletblue: When we critique a piece, we aren't saying that it is awful or terrible - we are simply saying that there is room for improvement.
:bulletblue: When we critique a piece, we are giving our opinions, not a mandate or law.
:bulletblue: When we critique a piece, we try to critique those that can be improved upon. Those with work still to be done.
:bulletblue: When we critique a piece, we research what we are saying.
:bulletblue: When we critique a piece, we put a lot of effort into what we are saying, sometimes taking hours to write the critique.
:bulletblue: When we critique a piece, we don't expect you to change everything we suggest. If you do, good, if you don't, the main point is that you learn for next time.
:bulletblue: When we critique a piece, we are as respectful as we know how to be.
:bulletblue: When we critique a piece, we try to keep in mind that we are fallible, and no matter how much research we may have done we may be wrong.
:bulletblue: When we critique a piece, we are aware that our own work may need just as much critique as yours.
More Journal Entries


:iconnurturing-narratives: Nurturing-Narratives ContinuousProse ContinualGrowth :iconheart-cries-out: Heart-Cries-Out :iconcritical-fame-poetry: Critical-Fame-Poetry Critiquing for Fame :iconzusolain: zUsolain Sunny's Original Universe :iconwriting-rampage: Writing-Rampage Literature makes the world turn. :iconcritiquecollectors: CritiqueCollectors :iconsixwordstories: SixWordStories ...Where quantity matters! :icondailypoet: DailyPoet Keep Writing :iconordinary-writing: Ordinary-Writing -The definition of Prose- :iconindependent-writer: independent-writer Imagination heals the soul.

What your critics do:

- She is the head of the group and deals with admin issues.
- She is a poetry critic and the head of the poetry critics.

- He is a prose critic.

- She is a poetry and prose critic.

- She is a poetry and prose critic.




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ShelleyAnderson Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, I submitted a poem called Dear Sister to poetry critique, I would like to know if it reads well, I have a tendency when writing, no matter what it is to have a lot of long sentences, I hope that helps
MagicalJoey Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015   Writer
It does help, yes. If you could include this question in your artist's comments please, so that it doesn't get lost, I would appreciate it :)
ShelleyAnderson Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you ^_^ 
ShelleyAnderson Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah bugger, I think I deleted the correspondence notification you get for submitting it somewhere, I just tried to do it again in hopes that it would pop up again but it didn't... sorry for being so useless... :/ 
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WerewolfPTStudios Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Ah...So as you can see, I've been busy and haven't contributed to this group at all. *sweats* And now it turns out I have overtime on karate, art to do, and I'll be gone for a week... Ugh. I really can't see anything happening except maybe one or two critiques by next month. :/ Not sure you'll wanna keep me.
MagicalJoey Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015   Writer
I do want to keep you dear. I will put you down as hiatus (just note me please so I remember) and then when you have the time again do your two by next month and then I will remove your hiatus status. :)
WerewolfPTStudios Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you. You're so understanding. ;-; *bows down and hugs*
MagicalJoey Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2015   Writer
JoshBeta1 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
W o W (>///<)
I think I could improve my English in this group. English is not my native language...xD
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